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My Trip To Termini Imerese

Submitted by William Galbo

Bud Galbo - Apr 5, 2002

Started out with Marco this morning with a tour of the harbor and outer areas of Termini Imerese. And then a walk thru the park near the water.

Francesca picked us up at 4PM for what we thought was to go have dinner at her home. We got there about 4 hours later after another fantastic tour of many fabulous places along the Mediterranean between Termini Imerese and Palermo. The terrain and scenes were fantastic. Buddy got it all on video. You just couldn't describe the scenes adequately. One stop was at a Church where the Madonna performed a Miracle. We lit a couple of candles there. We get to at least one church a day.

Finally arrived at Francesca's where she prepared a 5 star dinner. Starting out with "Black & white" spaghetti, Jumbo shrimp, fish, Calamari, 3 or 4 salads, sardin beccafico, aperitifes, etc, etc. And the whole family was there with us. More to follow, got to run now. Off to a park then later to Palermo. Ciao.

Bud Galbo - Apr 5, 2002

Guido & Rosa Maria took us on a tour of Palermo this afternoon. Our 1st stop was Monte Pelligrino, 1200 Ft. up a steep mountain where a Church is carved out of the rocks on top. What a steep scary ride up a serpentine road. I lit more candles and made an Act of Contrition, in case we didn't make it back down. The video camera would not work because it sensed the dew and shut off automatically. We couldn't take pictures of the Palermo panorama way down below. Then on up another mountain to the Monreale Cathedral built in 1200AD. The whole interior is all mosaic frescos depicting the life of Christ. Buddy did get videos there. The scenery and the Mediterranean are just "Bellissimo" On the way back, we stopped for pizza in Trebbia and Marco met us there. On the way to the car, Guido called Jean on his cell phone and then handed it to me. She can fill you in.

Tomorrow, we go to Cefalo in the afternoon, mass at 5PM, and then meet all the relatives at a restaurant for dinner. Sunday we go to Taormina/Mt. Etna.

Just can't say enough about the treatment that we are getting here. Buddy seems to pick up the language and has no problem communicating with them, especially with a little sign & body language along with the words.

Love to all!

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