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My Trip To Termini Imerese

Submitted by William Galbo

Bud Galbo - Apr 3, 2002

We started out this morning with Marco and a trip to the local museum. There were all sorts of artifacts dating back to BC.

Francesca picked us up and took us on a tour of Termini Imerese with a stop for Italy s famous Gelato.

In the afternoon, we went up to Caccamo on this narrow serpentine road. Our first stop was to Guidos Lab which is in the building where Grandpa Galbo was born. Guido has a doctorate in biology and also is a professor. His lab is like Metpath where he analyzes blood for Doctors and others. They even send their patients to him. We then went to their summer place in Caccamo. Giovanni and all the others all have places near each other. Then on to the Castle where Buddy took some movies. Then to meet Theresa who was born in Meadville and Giovanna who is 90 years old. Also met Concetta Marie who is the one year old red head in Sam’s photos. They took out many photos of our Meadville relatives including one of me, Joe and Ange with Mom & Dad. It was a very moving experience.

Then back to Rosa Marias & Guidos where all the rest dropped by again. They were married 27 years ago today

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