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Submitted by William Galbo

Sicily Adventure Update - 2 (We met this actor in Rome)

Bud Galbo - Apr 3, 2002

When Dad and I were in the airport in Rome, waiting for our plane to Palermo, we met an actor with a very recognizable face by the name of Vincent Schiavelli. If you saw the movie "GHOST", you might know this person. He played an angry ghost that fought with Patrick Swayze down in the subway. Tall, with a very distinctive droopy kind of face, he's played many characters (villains, horror, etc.) He was heading to Polizzi to work with a theatre production group that he put together and invited us to come to Polizzi and look him up. We may take him up on the offer. He was impressed that we found family over here and appreciated the whole situation.

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