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My Trip To Termini Imerese

I failed to ask the right questions of my immigrant grandparents and their siblings and lost all contact with relatives over there. Fortunately my brother, while stationed in England in 1956, made a trip over there and took many photos. I got a list of all the Galbo’s in the Caccamo phone directory and sent them the same letter with copies of the photos and a genealogy report of all the family members that I had documented in my Family Tree. I told them that if they recognized anyone as family, (My grandfather’s brother was a local parish priest) that we were related. I turned on the computer a couple of weeks later and found an E-Mail with several photos of my relatives over here and including a photo of my wife and I. Photos that my deceased parents and relatives had sent over there over the years. Included, was a listing of all my ancestry, and relevant particulars, back to about 1800. What a goldmine.Coincidentally, they also lost the connection when our first and second generation relatives had passed away and were just as eager to find us.

I couldn't say it any better than my "Figlio’s" comment, "Incredible people, incredible places and incredible time". I think that if our ancestors knew it, as we experienced it, they never would have left. The economy has improved and, if they ever build that bridge to the mainland, buy some property!

After considerable correspondence, I made a trip over there last March with my son. As stated in several of your E-Mails, it was fantastic walking in their footsteps and getting acquainted with all of them. My "Figlio's" visit, and interface with his generation and my generation, hopefully will provide the linkage for current and future generations to carry on the contact.

Each day, we tried to recap our activity and posted it on our Family Web Site. Perhaps it might help you to enjoy your trips over there. Be sure to view the harbor from "Belvedere" and take a walk thru the park to the left. And enjoy the "Gelato".

Submitted by William Galbo

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