Termini Imerese Stories

My Trip To Termini Imerese

Submitted by William Galbo

Bud Galbo - Apr 3, 2002

Hello Everyone,

Guido, Rosa Maria and their son, Gabrielle met us at the airport in Palermo. Gabrielle was on a pass from the Naval Academy and was going back two hours after we arrived. So we waited with him until his plane left. Then on to Termini Imerese thru Palermo, which is a large city.

When we got back there, their son, Marco was waiting there with Giovanniąs son, Vincenzo. A short while later, Francescas son, Salvatore came over. Then Francesca, her daughter, Alessandra, then Giovanni and his son, Filipo. Just like in Warren or Meadville, they all just live "around the corner". We are going to Caccamo this afternoon when Guido gets out of work

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