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This picture of my parents, Rosa Concetta Corso and Sebastian Sapienza, was taken on their wedding day. They were married in the Chiesa Madre in Termini Imerese, on July 6th, 1911.

My Mom, Rosa Concetta
A Rosary Memory!
"Where there is doubt, we search our Faith; where there is despair, we pray for Hope; and in times of loneliness, we desire Love! These three beautiful gifts of Faith, Hope and Love have caressed me throughout my life. The prayers of my friends, family and parents, especially my Mom, have strengthened my Faith!
Many evenings, during my six bedfast years, from 1940 to 1946, I could hear my Mom in the next room, praying the Rosary for me. She would pray with such passion, that I felt and sensed that the Blessed Mother was in the room with her!
Yes, those prayers were answered, because my Hope of a Miracle came when a young man in England named, Alexander Fleming, discovered penicillin. As soon as it was available to the public, they rushed me to Columbia Hospital in Wilkinsburg, PA and every three hours gave me intramuscularly shots of this new miracle drug. Within six months, I was out of bed, in a wheelchair and on crutches.
It was then that the most beautiful moment of my life occurred when after six years, I took my first step and walked again. I was alone when it happened and did not tell anyone because in two weeks, All Souls Day, November 2nd, 1946, it was my Mom's birthday.
When the family gathered that evening to give her presents, I did not have a job or money to buy her a gift, and after she opened her last present, I laid down my crutches and said: "Mom, here is my gift for you!" I walked across the room with tears rolling down my cheeks, hugged, kissed her and thanked her for all the devotion, care and Rosaries she gave and prayed for me during those six bedfast years!
It was then my three gifts of Faith, Hope and Love were fulfilled, and the greatest of them all was the Love that I received and gave to my Mom that evening!
Frank L. Sapienza

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