Family Photos Submitted by Ken Geraci

This is a photo taken around 1918 or 1919 of my grandfather's next older sister Marie Geraci who married Paul Oliveri (of the Oliveri family of Termini). I believe she was 16 years old in this photo which was taken in Washington, DC.

Here is a photo (probably from the 1930's or 1940's) of Katie (Geraci) LaCavera in the center who was born in Termini, the daughter of Rosina (Marcellino) Geraci and Francesco Geraci around 1879. The lady on the left was her daughter, Marie LaCavera, (born 1904) in Washington, DC. The other woman in the picture os Rose LaCavera Cerami, another daughter of Katie. Katie was the oldest child and my grandfather was the youngest child of this family.

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