There are now two different databases for searching for ancestral genealogical records.


The CERTIFICATE DATABASE is a listing of birth, marriage, and death certificates which have been painstakingly transcribed by volunteers into a database. These records can be searched by individual name.

Listing of Films and their Completion Status
Surnames in the Certificate Database
Female First Names in the Certificate Database
Male First Names in the Certificate Database
Latin Name Translations
1815 Termini Imerese Census - 62 pages


The PERSONAL DATABASE has been (and continues to be) added by individuals in the world recording their own branches of their family tree. These records are searched by surname families.

If you wish to submit your data for the personal database, please follow the format you see on the these pages and send your submission to DataSubmission.

Submissions will NOT be accepted for those who are still living.

The only requirement for entry is that the person submitted was either born, died or married in Termini Imerese.

You do not need to be subscribed to the Certificate Database to have your entries included here.

To add entries to the personal database, please click HERE