PHOTO 1913 THE CHRISTENING OF AUGUST LAMANTIA OF HOMER CITY IN BLAIRSVILLE, PA. 1ST ROW: Gertrude Larkin (office clerk), Josephine Delisi (1898-1971 d/o JF Delisi married Jos. DeMaria), Mary Calderone (1896-1963 d/o Rocco:.married John LaMantia of Indiana, PA. Ines Delisi 1895-1971, d/o Joseph F. Delisi: married Joseph P. Delisi. Sophie Calderone. (1898-1957) d/o Rocco.married A. Giunta, brother of Marino Giunta. Rose LaMantia,(1886-1972), d/o John LaMantia. Married Marino Giunta. BABY: Salvatore Giunta. Mattea Battaglia (1885-1934),married Dom LaMantia, parents of the christened baby, August born Oct. 15, 1912. Josephine Dinovo. Married A.LaMantia (Baby Rose LaMantia born 1913. Married to John Gabelli.) Phillippa LaMantia d/o John. Married to A. Calderone. (Baby John Calderone married to Annette Calderone.) Cosima, 2nd wife of Rocco Calderone. Josephine LaMantia (1872-1918.) Married to Joseph F. Delisi. (Baby Samuel Delisi (1912-1993)

2nd ROW: Mr. Brown (Hired man) Dominic LaMantia (!878-1954. (Baby: Elsie LaMantia.) Marino Giunta (1882-1938) Charles Giunta Born 1911. A. Calderone married Phillipa LaMantia. A. LaMantia married to Josephine Dinovo. Vincent LaMantia called Zio Veeshey) brother of Josephine LaMantia.Sal Catanzaro. Sal Calderone (died 1932 of Apollo, PA.) Rocco Calderone (1864-1937) Joseph F. Delisi (1866-1937) married to Josephine LaMantia. Sam Catanzaro, son of Sal. Rose LaMantia of Homer City, PA. Still living in 2001. 3rd Row: Andy DeMeo, A. LaMantia (1906-1948) Dominic LaMantia (1908-1934) Phillip LaMantia (!909- (?) Rocco Calderone. Rose Calderone of Vandergrift, PA (1909-1980) Married to J. Calderazzo (tailor) John Calderone of Vandergrift (1902- )Josephine Calderone (1903 )d/o Rocco Married to McCoy. Lil Calderone d/o Rocco Married to J. Cascio. Mary Calderone (1904- )d/o Tony Married to J. Lombardi. (?) Sam LaMantia, Brother of Elsie of Homer City, PA.. (?)

Back Row: J. Battaglia of Derby PA. Vincent LaMantia of Blairsville. Married Marie LaMantia. Paul LaMantia .Sam LaMantia. John LaMantia (1890-1969) Married Mary Calderone. Joseph.L.Delisi (1900-1991). Francesco (Chico) Delisi, (!896-1962), brother of J.P. Delisi Joseph P. Delisi (1888-1968) Married Ines Delisi.

Biography of Joseph L Delisi

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